Wesley Woods



I was born in Franklin, KY and raised in Madisonville, KY. As a young child I attended Park Avenue Baptist Church where the Reverend Martin Freeman took a moment at the beginning of each service to do what he called a "sermon in a sack". He would use a brown paper bag to hold an item that the children would guess what was inside and then he would teach on the item. Looking back today, the most important thing in that sack was the stories that lead to Jesus. 


As a teenager I attended Liberty Baptist Church where Pastor Doyle Eddings lead me to Christ one fall day in 1984. I believe my finger prints may still be in that pew in front of me to this day as I squeezed it for a couple of weeks before surrendering to the Lord. 


I spent the first few years after high school in the military and visited various churches. It was when I moved to Bristol, VA in 1996 that I found a church home that I could grow and thrive in. Pastor Eric Godrey led me to a closer walk with Christ beginning in 1996 that has continued to grow to this day. He allowed me to serve in the ways the Lord led me to serve. When I moved back to Kentucky in 2003 I began attending Post Oak Baptist Church in Russellville, KY where Pastor Wilbur Powell continued leading me to serve the Lord in new and exciting ways. Bro. Powell's candor and straight forward counselling helped shape who I am today and how I approach my life and marriage. When I moved to Bowling Green, I sat under Pastor Brent Patrick for a time and he taught me what being a pastor looked like in ways I had not seen before. His selflessness was beyond measure and I thank him today for showing me what loving a congregation truly looks like. God then led us to Woodburn Baptist church a few years ago and we have been truly blessed to be under the shepherding of Pastor Tim Harris. His example as a pastor is second to none and I cannot imagine not having had him as a mentor to look up to.


There are also three very special pastors that have helped shape who I am as a man and as a pastor as well. One is Bro.Tom Stokes who has mentored me into the ministry. I could never repay him for what he has done in helping me transition in ministry. The second pastor that I have admired greatly is Pastor Bobby Reno. The passion he serves with is contagious and the Holy Spirit is evident in all that he does. The third is Pastor Eric Walker. His passion and commitment to serving the Lord is incredible. He truly lives by the saying, 'we are the only Bible some people will ever read."


These men and their families have been such a blessing to my family and I. I truly hope that my ministry at Providence Knob Baptist Church reflects some of all of these special pastors. 




Wesley Woods